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Photo Books

Nachts im Wald

New book in 2020 about my adventures in the dark forests of Germany. Over the year I recognized that the walks to or from my photo spots during night are something special, too. I spent more and more time with the environment at nighttime. This is my first book with the main focus on text, but it features a good amount of dark mood photos, too.

208 pages | 16,00€

ISBN-13 : 978-3442159925 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Vor der Tür - Location Guide Deutschland

The book "Vor der Tür" (2020) together with Bastian Werner is the first location guide book that covers whole Germany. Around 275 places from the Coast to the Alps are described with tips when you will have the best light and mood at the spots. It's a great source of inspiration for any kind of landscape photography subject.

409 pages | 39,90€

ISBN-13 : 978-3836278027 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Grenzenlose Wildnis - Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

A photo book about the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany. The park had its 50th birthday in 2020 therefore it was time to publish this book about the landscapes and nature of the park together with wildlife photographer Axel Gomille. Especially the bark beetle was shaping the forests of the regionen during the last decades. Many trees died, but new life can be found everywhere. Nature always will come back.

192 pages | 39,99€

ISBN-13 : 978-3954163366 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Deutschland, deine Wälder

A profession of love to Germany's forests - my favorite subjects. You will discover forests from the whole country but also tales and legends behind these forests. I went out to capture the most impresseve conditions and it's surprising how diverse the beauty of the forests in Central Europe is.

192 pages | 39,99€

ISBN-13 : 978-3954163083 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Die Kraft des Waldes

A book together with yoga teacher Doris Iding about the power one can gain in forests. Inspirational texts and my photoscapes where the viewer can immerse lead to an intense experience.

192 pages | 20,00€

ISBN-13 : 978-3961283835 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Magie der Wälder

A perpetual calendar with 365 impressive forests photos. Best thing to have for a little wood dream while sitting at the desk

365 pages | 19,99€

ISBN-13 : 978-3954162628 | support your local bookstore | amazon


New book in 2017 "Waldwelten" (Wood Worlds) for Frederking & Thaler, Germany. The essence of my forest photography during the last years. A true giant of a book, 320 pages and when opened the size is 40x60cm. The right format to enjoy my forest photography like you could enter the woods by yourself. Some of the last natural forests of Germany, fairytale-like forests that were shaped by human cultivation and also a view over the borders to the most impressive forest travel targets in the neighbouring countries.

320 pages | 98,00€

ISBN-13: 978-3954162291 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Sehnsucht Wald

New book in 2016 "Sehnsucht Wald" (Longing for Forests) for National Geographic books Germany. I made this book together with the well-known author and wildlife film-maker Andreas Kieling. It's like a walk through the four seasons in a Central European forest. I captured the forestscapes, Andreas took the photos of the wildlife of our domestic woods.

240 pages | 50€

ISBN-13: 978-3866904774 | support your local bookstore | amazon

Sagenhaftes Deutschland

New book in 2015 "Sagenhaftes Deutschland" (Fabulous Germany) the publishing house Frederking & Thaler is out now. This book sums up my "Brothers Grimms Homeland" project. Therefore I was driving over 40,000 miles throughout Germany during the last twelve months. I was searching the places described in folk myths, sagas, legends and fairytales and tried to capture them in the mood of the old stories.

240 pages | 49,99€

ISBN-13: 978-3954161690 | support your local bookstore | amazon

The fourth edtion of the book is available now!